Refabricating The Fly’s-Eye Dome

Based on Buckminster Fuller's Fly's Eye Dome, there is great potential for thickening the single sphere of the prototype into multiple layers. This new transformation based on geometric development and rigorous constraints provides much more possibilities for proliferation of initial system as Fuller proposed. Because of the definition and interrelation of 3 layers, the diameters of holes have limitations: when holes at the center of a polygon or hexagon meets a hole at the vertices of a polyhedron, the diameters exceed the maximum limitation.

The non-orientable surfaces form reversible spaces which are perfect for drainage. The water can traverse the multiple layers and be subsequently stored in pockets of air between the openings, according to preference and load capacities. The variability of the openings can be adjusted to the requirement of sunlight (e.g. large openings on the south side and a gradual shift towards smaller holes on the north side make it an energy-saving house when located within the northern hemisphere).