Learning from Ants

Thanks to NASA's great invention ant works that this mysterious tunneling performance has never been so well-articulated and presented. A experiment is carried out base on observation to simulate this behavior driven performance in order to study the generation and characteristic of such continuous space. Too often when we think about space in terms of performance, we code based on the users' behavior, if not based on code itself. Whether the relation between space and performance is a causality or interaction This boosted the house edge further, but these are rarely found on roulette on line wheels nowadays. is still ambiguous.

However in this experiment, this relation has never been more definite or purer, that the tunneling space of ants almost equals their behavior. What can we learn from the ants in terms of architecture? At least what can be perceived is that ant-space is a result of interaction between the ant's tunneling performance and the generation of the space. Tunneling creates the space, and the space in the other way around effect the way ants tunnel. In other words, ants are creating spaces while they use it. However human beings, are living in the designed and fixed spaces. Therefore the character of interaction has been lost.