Wavy Gallery

Project Name: Zhoushan Guangyu · Jinlan Apartment's Sales Center
Location: Zhoushan, China丨Total Area: 520 sqm
Dates: 2014 (Design)   2015 (Completion)

Estate sales office in China has become so emotionally subtle and sensitive, since many people make their most important financial decision in this place. They choose not only a plan of their residence, but a physical base for their future life. From the very beginning of the design, the core of the project is to emphasis the combination of space’s characteristic and life style.

From floating wave to warm freeze, the environment of the site indicates the interior design’s theme. The sample-houses are located in the end of the visiting route, like collections of art, carefully hidden by the lobby, wooden corridor and bright vestibule. Reception area, close to the wooden corridor, is decorated by green plants and surrounded by parametrically aligned white grates, creating private and relaxing atmosphere.

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