Singing Towards the Infinite West Lake

Project Name: V+ Lounge
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Total Area: 3,000 sqm
Dates: 2015 (Design+Completion)

The interior space of Hangzhou V+ Lounge, which serves as the famous brand’s third branch in China after Beijing and Chengdu, is designed together by Studio Waffles and LYCS Architecture. The project is located at the southwest corner of the crossroad of Dongpo Rd. and Pinghai Rd, which is also the most flourishing commercial zone nearby West Lake. Meanwhile, the site is less than one hundred meters away from the largest flagship store of Apple in Asia.It is this unique location of the project that initiated the inspiration of translating the water of West lake into a design concept. Curves, mirrors and different lights are adopted to support this concept, thus integrating diverse sensory experiences of underwater, water surface as well as over-water as a whole interior space.

In the KTV part, the designers carry out a breakthrough way of introducing the scenery of West Lake into interior space.

The fifth floor is designed with the concept of rambling in the bottom of the lake. Mirrors and continuous grilling are adopted to present the underwater world deep into the lake.The corridor has a surface with both simplicity and elegance.Light is placed behind the mirror and in the gap between curved grillings. Compared with the dark ripples created by the lights and shadows, landscape of the West Lake is particularly vivid.Rooms and corridors are joined organically with continuous grillings on the wall. There are thin

boards in the boxes where various classic couches are supported. They seem to flow in the large box, reducing the conventional visual weight of itself. Hence the interior space visually becomes more expansive.

The concept of the sixth floor is infinite West Lake. The interior space is sprightful with white streamlined wall adopted. They are connected seamlessly with reflective material. As simple and dynamic as its water metaphor, the whole space flows like a delicate curve left by a tiny boat cut through the West Lake.High-reflective materials in the corridors bring the outdoor scenery of West Lake into interior space. Between the image reflected on the ceiling and the view outside, a contradiction emerges. Meanwhile, there are flexible ribbon-like light coming from scattering lights near the corridor as if one can only experience when he travels in the sparkling underwater world.

In rooms on the sixth-floor, the whole space is divided into two open zones by structure and furniture. The floor in the box is carpeted with fine polished black floor, reflecting images of other parts of the room. In this reflective space, water theme fresco and dark sound-absorbing wool on the wall reinforce the existence of the space boundary, providing the beauty both in form and function. In order to maximize the landscape value of West Lake, V+ rooms adopt a design method of connecting from inside to outside. There are a lot of full height glass and smooth mirrors on the ceiling and floor, which introduces the landscape of the lake into the rooms. Hence, customers are able to enjoy singing while embracing the natural landscape simultaneously.

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