Grant House of Sensibility

Project Name: Hangzhou Guangyu D3 Mock up Rooms
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Total Area: 300 sqm
Dates: 2014 (Design+Completion)

There are some interesting facts about the terraced house. No matter how big the house is, you would only stay in one single room at any  time. That means you spent millions of dollars on a 300 sqm terraced house, but you always stay in living room, dining room or bedroom which is just a 20-or 30 sqm area. Why?They are walls and floors. Their existence obstruct your sense of living in a 300 sqm house. 

"Flowing Space" and "Great room" are the two big ideas behind this luxury interior innovation. Unlike the traditional way to separate rooms,there are no

obvious partition walls added on the entire plan. By doing this, the entire house is "flowing" as a "great room" between spaces: there are dining room, bar counter, living room bedrooms placed on a wall-less plane. Nonetheless, the" Great Room" is even evolved from the 2-D plan to 3-D space. Imagine while you staying a lifted bedroom but seeing what happening in the dinning room on the ground floor and the bar counter in the basement; or you seeing the living room entrance on the ground floor while walking on the mezzanine, you must be surprised by what you have: a "Great" room. This "flowing" space is achieved by partly opening the floor slabs, and successfully brings brightness to circulation area in the center of the entire room. Moreover, it enhance its users' view from limited to every where the outside.