Miniature City

Project Name: Shenzhen CEIG Center
Location: Shenzhen, China丨Total Area: 32,000 sqm
Dates: 2011-2012 (Design)  2013-2016 (Construction) 

LYCS Architecture was invited and won this competition project of designing a testing and assessment research center in Shenzhen. This project is a mixed-use programs with mainly residential and commercial area. By asking this, the idea of "mini city" from traditional Chinese urban planning is used and consequently divided the site evenly into ten as "Mini Scale" volumes. The program volumes aligned with arranging landscape spaces across. 

Programs cubes offset with each on the plan and heights, results in proportioning facades with well-distribution. Continuous curtain walls and extruded balconies correspond with the continuity of the plan. By twisting the third floor dramatically changed the overall continuity in plan; it activates the static solid piece into "mixed". The external stairs then breaks the facade's

continuity,balances both continuity and discreteness. The interruption of the third floor achieved by a series of tessellated Hyperbolic Parabola surfaces. The unique third floor challenges the perfect horizontal planning grid but at the meanwhile, works as the core to bridge different floor height and forms a wave-like landscape terrace. Terraces in different levels smoothly dispersed to three floor areas with ramps and steps, richen the entire spatial quality and experiences for people. The roof terrace extends inside interior of third floor as extra spaces for adding spaces for public exhibition, education, service and commercial use.

Two discrete spaces in one plan brought together with connecting by exterior and interior corridors; forming open/closed courtyards with discriminating dynamic and static area. The courtyards, together with roof garden and the landscape terrace on third floor, vary the idea of "green" into horizontally and vertically. The project started on 2013 summer and planned to finish construction in 2015.

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