Valley of Culture

Project Name:  Anhui Taihe Culture Center

Location: Anhui, China丨Project Area: 61600㎡

Project Dates: 2015(design)2019 (completed)

Taihe County, located in the northwest of Anhui Province and under the jurisdiction of Fuyang City, has a long history of culture and is known as the "hometown of painting and calligraphy". The project includes museum, planning hall, library, archives, culture hall, art gallery, youth activity center and staff activity center, altogether eight venues. The eight museums are effectively divided into three relatively independent functional areas, that is, the books and archives in the north, the planning museum in the southeast and the cultural activity center in the southwest (including the staff and youth cultural activity center, cultural center and art museum). The corridor connects the three functional areas to form a public area, which is convenient to use while maintaining the integrity of the building.