Endless loop

Project Name: Linhai Galaxy Library Design

Location: Linhai, China  丨Project Area: 5,800 ㎡

Project Dates: 2021 (design)

Kuocang Mountain, located at the junction of Linhai City and Xianju County, is the highest peak in eastern Zhejiang with excellent natural scenery, but its lack of symbolic spatial memory points makes it difficult for tourists to distinguish it from other mountain scenery. Based on this, we propose to build a pilgrimage site that can activate senses and memory with a variety of unique Spaces ——the Galaxy  Library, to drive the city's economy with culture, to create a new cultural phenomenon, not a traditional future but a future classic." Endless loop "Galaxy library design made a fusion of the locality , the tourists' experience is not only the library, and the natural landscape, the starry sky, sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds and mountains all around, this unique experience is not only the natural absorption of the outside world, but also a journey for themselves.