Big city and small courtyard

Project Name: Quzhou Xinhua No.2 Primary School

Location: Quzhou, China  丨Project Area:  37,182 ㎡

Project Dates: 2021 (design) 2022 (completed)

Xinhua No.2 Primary School is located in Quzhou City, which is located in the urban culture and education district, with a total construction area of 37,182 square meters. The design adopts dynamic and static zoning planning mode, which is divided into two parts: sports area and teaching area. The teaching area adopts the planning strategy of "large scale enclosure + small scale combination". The architectural layout of the "U-shaped" teaching area gives students a sense of security in the "enclosed" space, forming a large area compound courtyard inside, and placing the small scale volume into the large courtyard to form the three-dimensional activity space of streets and lanes.