Raised Roofs

Project Name: Yanguan Junhe Center
Location: Jiaxing, China丨Total Area: 100,000sqm
Dates:  2019-2020 (Design) 2021 ( Construction)

Located in Yanguan Scenic spot in Haining, Yanguan Center is a Zen culture tourism service complex with functions of five-star hotels, serviced apartments, resort hotels, commercial services and so on. The site has excellent landscape resources and extremely convenient transportation, but the form is relatively special. It is crossed by a river about 20m wide, forming two plots of north and south. In order to project natural landscape resources

into the building and give people the greatest sense of visual experience, the design abandons the traditional five-star hotel planning principle of taking the lobby as the center and arranging the buildings around the lobby. The modern architectural form crosses the river in the middle of the site and opens to the west with the shape of "U" to the lower Tang River and Guo Yan Line.The undulating and continuous architectural form is formed through the design method of withdrawing the platform, which effectively opens the landscape vision in all directions and meanwhile obtains a lot of large terraces.Special structural design puts parts of the hotel rooms and the infinity pool on the roof over the river so as to bring the river landscape into the interior to a great extent.