Knowledge Carrier

Project Name: Zhejiang Printing Group Headquarters Interior Design
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Total Area: 20, 000 sqm
Dates: 2019-2020 (Design) 2021 ( Construction)  

The interior design of Zhejiang Printing Group Headquarters,fully combined with the group's cultural heritage and advancing with The Times of the spiritual core.The design takes "knowledge carrier" as the core concept and 

landscape as the carrier, landscape elements such as Hangzhou's West Lake, Zhoushan islands, Qiantang River and West Zhejiang Grand Canyon are put into the space to compose a knowledge scroll that contains Zhejiang amorous feelings and humanistic feelings. At the same time, a large intelligent circle is placed in the lobby space to enhance the sense of science and technology and meet the needs of modern digital communication. The strong sense of shock of attraction causes the aggregation of spatial behaviors.