Egrets Soar

Project name:   KINCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 
Location:Shaoxing, China丨Total Area: 1030sqm
Project Period: 2020 (Design)  2020 ( Construction)  

Living and aesthetic hall is the Sales offices of KINCANG·Egrets Waves, as well as the entrance hall for people in the future. It is also the place where people's urban life will be painted in the future. The building's facade is designed with cascading lines like egrets spreading their wings. The soft curve radian and slow arc chamfering stretch the architectural form . The progressive linear light belt is matched with the simple light and luxurious white gold color, creating a high-quality space atmosphere, and the light French Windows make the whole building seemed lighter.The design of interior roof and facade continues the design elements of the building. 

Taking "Egrets Back to the Nest" as the design concept, arc-shaped chamfer elements and linear light belt elements are extracted to ensure the penetration of architectural and interior design elements, and also to convey people's happy experience of returning home after intense work. While designing the sales exhibition center in the early stage, the function and space effect of the future conversion into the entrance lobby should be considered at the same time.The design continues the tone of the building, with large area of white stone as the preferred material, partial matching with metal color and details, simple, light and luxurious platinum matching, spreading the texture of the whole space from the tone.At the same time, the details of the minimalist line processing, create a light space atmosphere, as well as to make the sales exhibition center and the living and aesthetic hall zero conversion, so that to reduce the cost and time investment transition.