Promenade Workplace

Project name:   Kano Headquarters  office design 

Location:Anji, China丨Total Area: 7,500sqm
Project Period: 2019-2020 (Design)  2021( Construction)  

The office interior design of Kerr Cano headquarters, a well-known office furniture brand in China, is based on the development history of Kerr Cano Group. Based on the design concept of "Chrono Trigger", the atrium is opened in the center of the building, and a rotating staircase running

through 6 floors is placed in the atrium to show the development process of Kerr Cano as the space moves. By dividing the corridor from the surrounding area, the centrality of the atrium is enhanced, and the strong sense of shock of attraction makes it gather in spatial behavior.The public area uses a half-height wall to divide the space, forming several half-enclosed Spaces, to realize the changing needs of meeting, leisure and other functions, and to create an office space that runs through history and the future.