Egrets Waves

Project name:  KINCANG Egrets Waves
Location:Shaoxing, China丨Total Area: 257,000sqm(including underground)
Project Period: 2020 (Design)  2020-2022( Construction) 

KINCANG Egrets Waves, invested and constructed by local enterprise KINCANG, is located in Keqiao, Shaoxing. The planning, architecture and interior design are both designed by LYCS Architecture.Based on the long historical context of the city and the unique texture of the site,  the original and natural organizational form of the city should be restored and enhanced to the greatest extent is the starting point of the overall planning.The design uses the ancient landscape painting "three far method" - that is, high-far, deep-far and flat-far as the planning strategy. The height of the building decreases from low density area to high density area, so that the view of natural landscape permeates every household. The design of the building 

facade extracts the elements that form stretch lines from the concrete form, and restores the morphological characteristics of egrets that are contained in the lines, thus developing a complete set of form and elevation system, which makes the facade form a curve sequence with great tension and flow sense.By thinking on the linkage design of architecture and interior layout,The grey space such as corridor and balcony corresponding to the architectural modeling is made into the indoor flowing space.Rooms are no longer separated because of their functions. The overall circulation improves the accessibility of the whole space, connects the life scenes of family members, and creates a warm and interesting family relationship.It is an innovative human settlement design based on urban context and natural ecology by LYCS Architecture. The construction is expected to be fully completed by 2022.