The Blurring of Interior and Exterior Boundaries

Project Name: Shanghai Baoye Center Interior
Location: Shanghai, China. Total Area: 27,394 sqm 
Dates: 2014 - 2016 (Design)  2016 - 2017 (Construction) 2018(Completed)

The interior design of Shanghai Baoye Center shares its architectural clue, which penetrates both its content and context, interweaves with its spatial logic. The inherent beauty of architecture is deliberately planted in its interior space as one of the most significant interior elements. Natural light roles as another important consideration while designing  interior ; applying 

traditional Chinese architecture language helps to clearly organize the interior into an open and permeable space; the simple decoration systematically follows its architectural circumstance, delights the entire space with simplicity and relaxation; using the ecological materials maximizes the essence of nature, also reflects the enterprise's culture. Creating an interior space which embraces enterprise culture as well as regional culture helps to reinterpret the relationship between space and its culture context, an implication of architecture's essence.