Have a limitless conversation with Wulong River

Project Name: Science and Technology Industrial Park of Sansong Group
Location: Fuzhou, China丨Total Area: 47, 996sqm
Dates: 2018-2019 (Design)  2020-2022(Construction)

The Sansong Science and Technology Industrial Park designed for Sansong Group is located in Fuzhou Haxi High-tech Industrial Park, which is designed by LYCS Architecture. The focus of the design is to emphasize the conversation between the building and the Wulong River in the site. The high-rise building forms two L-shaped volumes, and the rhythmic change of the building height fills the skyline along the Wulong River. 

 The building volume is stretched maximally and twists along the side gable to open to the Wulong River, forming an opening facing the river view. The design uses the essence of "opposite scene" skillfully to make the building and the Wulong River have the relationship of view and landscape, forming the spatial directivity from the site interior to the Wulong River avenue.The design of the facade is inspired by the dynamics and beauty of the surface of the Wulong River, and the facade of the building looks like the ripples of the river. The architectural form of the podium echoes the urban node space, and its horizontal facade echoes the surface of the Wulong River. The treatment of the skirt boundary takes advantage of the elevation difference of the terrain and the partial lifting of the building form to clearly guide the movement of the public crowd and form a continuous spatial form open to the city.