Cascading Necklaces

Project name: HANJIRUSHI International Innovation Center
Location: Hangzhou, China | Total Area: 43890sqm
Project Period: 2020 (Design)  2020-2022 (Construction)

HANJIRUSHI International Innovation Center is located in the core area of Smart Network Valley Town, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. It is the new headquarters building designed by LYCS Architects for HANJIRUSHI. The perimeter of the building is being formed the center effect of innovative research. The office cluster brings huge development potential and advantages as well as challenges to the surrounding businesses. How to make the HANJIRUSHI International Innovation Center stand out from the surrounding office cluster has become the biggest challenge at the beginning of the design.

The design of the facade is inspired by the "cascading necklace" of women's jewellery, and extracts elements of "cascading" and "soft lines". The facade of the building is interlaced with glass and aluminum panels, combining the virtual and real. Through the reduction of the building volume, the volume produces a sense of extension from the bottom to the top, with scattered curves formed between the layers by aluminum plate components. The main building and the auxiliary building are connected by the corridor on the second floor. The overall vertical lines are supplemented by horizontal lines, which echo each other with the curves between the floors. The facade is extremely simple, with local curving elements, like a cascading necklace hanging from a woman's neck, forming a dynamic shape and striking visual impact, creating a unique "different beauty" belonging to HANJIRUSHI. The building is about to enter the construction stage.