Vitality Center

Project name: Vitality Center of Qingpu Baoye
Location: Shanghai, China | Total Area: 17600 sqm 
Project Period: 2019-2020 (Design)  2020 (Construction)

Located on Guanyun Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, the Vitality Center’s architecture and interior design are both designed by LYCS Architecture. As a community complex in the residential project, it is facing the coming era in which the generation after 90s and 00s are the main consumers. The design fully integrates the four dimensions of natural and artificial construction, link and connection, tradition and future, technology and lifestyle to create a forward-looking future community for Baoye.

Although the traditional residential area and business district is superposed together in space, about in actual use one facing inward and the other outward, and the streamline is separated from each other. The design makes the connected space not only the spatial integration, but also the behavioral integration and the integration between different people. Through the design of connection of cantilever ring gallery, flexible and detachable landscape platform ,  vertical and horizontal lines on the facade, which make the whole dynamic center achieves an interpenetrating dialogue state both functionally and visually, forming a response to the residential building with circular layout.