Cafe + Classroom

Location: Hangzhou, China. Total Area: 240 sqm
Dates: 2014 (Design)  2015 (Construction+Completion)

Underline Cafe is more than a cafeteria. With the help of the rail and the movable partition, an open bay can be easily divided into three spaces with four models, which make the cafeteria transform into a combination of Cafe + Conference or Cafe + Class. While holding the creative meetings or 

lectures, you can also enjoy the service of the Cafe. The metal, the concrete walls, the glass curtain wall which is checkerboard-like and the large wooden board which is extended in both horizontal and vertical, all these seem to attach a label of “rationality” to the Cafe. And there is another way to convey the users’ creativity through the large movable blackboard, on which can make a handily doodle.

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