Game of sunlight

Project Name: Iris Art Realm
Location: Suzhou, China丨Total Area:2000sqm
Dates: 2019 (Design+Construction) 2020(Completion)

Iris Art Realm is located on the banks of Li Gongdi, Industrial Park Lake Suzhou. Its architecture, interior and soft decoration all designed by LYCS Architecture. The design of architecture takes sunlight as the main line. Subtraction of the building is to achieve a rich sense of spatial hierarchy.  By the design approach of virtuality and reality combination, the sense of facade composition has been increased. At the same time, light and space are constantly changing in interweaving. 

The different types of windows such as long window, tall window, french window, etc, which are combined with the interior function design, introduce the light from different area. With the change of time and the intensity of the light, the atmosphere of the interior space will change subtly. The design of the exhibition space emphasizes communication and penetration. The artwork in the exhibition wipe out a different kind of spark with the sunlight in different time and different space, which present different artistry and make artworks have more artistic charm. In the gallery, the exhibits are the real heros. People will pay attention to the design of the building and the creation of the space. However, the sunlight, which is introduced by our architects is always ignored. The sunlight is the hero behind the scenes, who contribute to the quiet or strong artistic atmosphere of the exhibition hall.