Time and Space Corridor

Project Name: Yufengli Homestay
Location: Taizhou Linhai, China丨Total Area:3,298sqm
Dates: 2017-2019 (Design+Construction)  2019(Completion)

Linhai Yufengli Homestay is located at the corner of Chicheng Road in Linhai. It is a reconstruction project of nearly 4,000 sq.m, which architecture, interior, soft decoration and VI system all designed by LYCS Architecture.It is close to the famous historical district of Linhai—Ziyang Street. The epitome of the legacy is also a symbol of a famous historical and cultural city. The design uses "Time and Space Corridor" as the concept, connecting the existing buildings in the three historical periods of the late Qing Dynasty, early Republic of China, post-liberation and reform and opening up.

For the 100-year-old Siheyuan, the repair is made in accordance with the original; for the 60-year-old two industrial remnants of the building, local innovation is carried out while the building is being repaired, creating a dramatic collision. For 20-year-old modern buildings, on the basis of retaining the original framework of the building, substantial innovations are made to make it more fashionable. The entire building complex still retains the architectural beauty of each age, telling the story of history. The design should restore and strengthen this dramatic historical collision, so that people of different ages and backgrounds can find a sense of the times that touches their hearts.