Flowing Diamonds

Project Name: Guangyu Headquarters
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Total Area: 22, 000 sqm
Dates: 2017-2018(Design)  2018-2021(Construction)

Guangyu Headquarters is the new headquarters building of the listed company Guangyu Group Co., Ltd., located in the south of Shangcheng District of Hangzhou, with a total construction area of ​​22,000 square meters. The Guangyu core seat has a very serious design challenge: the land is the commercial land with the smallest land area for the transfer of the Hangzhou area. It is located in the Qianjiang New City with high-rise buildings. In the narrow triangle, the adjacent elevated land should be designed. 88m high-rise office building.The highlight is to maximize the standard floor area with hexagonal boundaries, increase the room rate, and reduce the contrast of adjacent buildings to create the necessary independence and substitution. 

The image of the building gains a better view of the landscape and also allows each face to face a different view. The design shape extracts the LOGO pattern of the Guangyu Group's earth latitude and longitude lines as the design element, and simultaneously aligns the elements of each vertical plane, and the surface folding unit is tilted left and right between different retracting blocks to form a whole The surface of the window is evenly wavy while properly blocking the direct sunlight. Its turning point and proportional relationship, the detailed shape forms the "diamond" quadrilateral façade texture, and its precise division also implies Guangyu's "better, more precise and more humane" service system. The completion of the building was completed in 2021.