Greenwich Line

Project name: ChicBus
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Size: 160 sqm
Project Period: Design + Completion 2017

LYCS explored the spatial design strategy of laying tension on visitors’ experience in the Xixi Yintai store project. By revealing the contrast of fantastic future spaces and the traditional humanistic feelings, LYCS portrays the collision of the future and tradition in the developing process of technology product, and creates a retail store, which differs from the normal technological stores as well as matches to the brand positioning.As its role of “the connecter of the virtual and the real world”, the ChicBus reveals its 

space by oblique dividing the site of regular square. The cutting line, also acting as the principal axis, divides the space into two different sides, and making this collision of the virtual and the real into a maximum effect. Besides, the cutting line guides the visitors into the space by its oriented features.The illuminations are organized in terms of different atmospheres. The illumination system of the “virtual space” is placed in line with the cross lines of the matrix, which aims to intensify the matrix, and thus portrays a bright “virtual space”. Besides, by using the metallic droplights and the assembled lightings inserted in the cabinets, plus the darker plywood, the “real space” bring visitors a traditional humanistic experience.

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