Mylines Westlake

Project name: Mylines Hotel
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Total Area: 22,00 sqm
Project Period: 2015-2017(Design+Completion)

Mylines is an interior renovation project for an existing building. Expanding from the conventional emphasis of typical themed hotel, it redefines the stereotypical concept of a "Lovers Hotel” with a new spatial experience. Located nearby Hangzhou west lake, it covers 9000sqm, of which 2200sqm is the hotel footprint. 

The design not only focuses on stimulating its guests of new experience, but aims to create four indispensable senses: relaxation, romance, relief and passion. 33 rooms are categorized by primal human needs of "narcissism, exposure, sadism, fantasy, romance". In addition to emphasizing maximum comfort levels for its guests, the project solidly manipulate its spatial quality through interior, exterior, scale, plan organization, and sound and lighting control. These five key factors are amalgamated to create an environment which integrates sensory experience with surrounding environment. The result is a space that encourages the users to release their natural human impulses.