Vertical Pearl River

Project Name: Guangzhou Guangxin Riverside Tower
Location: Guangzhou, China丨Total Area: 62,089 sqm
Dates: 2014 - 2016 (Design)

The case of“standing in the Pearl River”as the design concept, Riverside seeks to portray an image of a unified city, respecting cultural landscape of the city and the Pearl River, and both iconic buildings and single personality group. Inspired by the dynamic beauty of the Pearl River water - the building

facade design echoes the river constantly flowing transform waterlines, reflects the land and the Pearl inextricably linked.

Among them, the main building housing the West, by moving on the wrong body and twisting to achieve the maximization of households facing the river and the optimal goal. Overhead bottom layer with the green landscape and diverse public leisure activities function, and completely open to the city.

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