Radiant Campus

Project Name: Lishui Wenyuan School
Location: Lishui, China丨Total Area: 69,882 sqm

The aim of the design is to create a campus with a focal point. The building masses are placed in circular form, connected by a circular walkway on the upper levels. The public education areas are at ground level, embracing the central plaza. The building functions correspond to its surrounding environment, forming the education sector in the south, the living sector in the north and sports area in the west. The building complex is dissected, re-assembled, and rotated according to the functional planning and daylight requirement, achieving a diverse range of courtyards without losing the functional practicality. The circular walkway attached itself with the building

complex as podiums, according to students' circulation routes and functions placed, part of the walkway is excavated, introducing skylight into the walkway. This flexible configuration of the walkway could adapt to different functional demand. The traffic organization in the complex separates the pedestrian walkways and motorways, with the central plaza connected with the entrance plaza, the sports plaza and the logistic plaza in a Y shape, attaining an unimpeded circulation. The facade design echoes the landscape, together with the walkway on stilts, scenery inside the complex superimpose on each other.