Title: Inheritance and Rebirth


Project Name: Park Masterplan and Industrial Renovation Schematic Design

Location: Hangzhou, China | Total Area: 16,000 sqm

Dates: 2018 (Design)  2019-2020 (Construction +Completed)

Industrial Park, locates in Gongshu, Hangzhou, a park renovation project with a construction area of 16,000sqm. The existing park and buildings were abandoned on the site, and the remaining buildings were mostly built in the sixties to nineties of the last century.


The design is based on the concept of "Industrial Grid Pinch". On the premise of retaining the current building maintenance structure to the greatest extent, it integrates modern design techniques and building materials, and at the same time puts into office, commercial, residential, leisure and other functional spaces to create industrial cultural blocks. We are reluctant to give Industrial history up. In the landscape design, the concep of "Sports Circle" is used to create a semi-open sports space that is scarce in the city. The added design of industrial relics and mechanical, showing a heavy sense of history, emphasizing the contrast between old and new. Prominent the theme of Historical Industrial Park . The construction will be completed in mid-2020.

Nick Name: Inheritance and Rebirth

Order: 60

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