Baoye·active hub was officially announcedBaoye·active hub was officially announced

Baoye·active hub was officially announced

Recently, Baoyeactive hub, designed by LYCS Architecture,was held a press conference. LYCS Architecture design team was invited to attend ribbon-cutting ceremony. It is a community complex in the residential project.The design fully integrates the four dimensions of natural and artificial construction, link and connection, tradition and future, technology and lifestyle to create a forward-looking future community for Baoye.

As the first part of the project to start, active hub it's almost finished at present. The design concept of inertior space was “connected”,which continue the design concept of the architecture.Designers combined with each memory point to explain experience the feeling of the space and use the traditional materials in new ways to create different themes of space. Meanwhile, the whole space was connected to form a transparent space experience. The shocking visual effect will be fully presented in the near future, please continue to pay attention!