CATable 2.0 Exhibited in Beijing Design Week in 2015

CATable 2.0 Exhibited in Beijing Design Week in 2015

CATable 2.0 designed by LYCS Architecture exhibited in Beijing Design Week In 28th September 2015 "BEYOND ARCHITECTURE" during the Beijing International Design Week Committee.

From architects' perspective, "Beyond architecture" is a never-ending creative implementations of art forms other than architecture like design, music, dancing, movies and literature. "Cross-disciplines" is an imagination bleeding, a play between intuition and logic. Architects' perspectives and creativity will be greatly enlarged after taking roles across disciplines. The interaction between disciplines will inspire the architects in return, influencing their architecture and fueling their passion of design. "Beyond architecture cross discipline implementation" marks the birth of a new design direction for China and the rising of a new breed of designers.

Duration: 26th September - 7th October 2015 
Venue: A Area, F1, China Millennium Monument Museum of Arts 
Organizer: Beijing Design Week Organization Committee 
Curators: CHEN Zhanhui, PENG Lixiao, YE Cheng 
Joint Curators: WEI Na, CAO Xiaoxin, WANG Wei, WANG Gang, RUAN Mei, FENG Guoan, LANG Tao, LI Bin