Bauhaus: The Enlightening Design  in the National MuseumBauhaus: The Enlightening Design  in the National MuseumBauhaus: The Enlightening Design  in the National Museum

Bauhaus: The Enlightening Design in the National Museum

The Enlightening Design In The National Museum was inaugurated in China International Design Museum at 11 o'clock in the morning, September 28. It was another distinguished piece with five aspects centering on the essentials of Bauhaus ideal including Enlightenment, forms and materials of enlightenment , Enlightenment, Enlightenment and daily life enlightenment. Additionally, it was presented in various means, which effectively help the audience comprehend the concept of works and even the Bauhaus.

This exhibition was co-hosted by the Hangzhou municipal government and China Academy of Art. The collection introduced by the government in 2010was a systematic series of historical modern western designs, which centers on essentials of the Bauhaus. It is the largest Bauhaus exhibition involving urban planning, architecture design, industrial design, graphic design, textile design and painting, sculpture, drama and related literature. In order to unearth the historical value of Bauhaus collection, China Academy of Art set up the China International Design Museum and the Bauhaus Institute. This exhibition, as the largest showcase after being settled in China Academy of Art, unfolded in five aspects including art, design, education, production and life of Enlightenment, which reveals the Bauhaus grand blueprint for renewing the society.

The exhibition would be opened until November 8th, and the theme seminar would be held at the exhibition hall in September 29th. Audiences can receive free story books and watch multimedia, which can increasingly enrich the understanding about Bauhaus. In addition, 5 of the edited by Bauhaus Institute of China Academy Fine Arts and Shandong Fine Arts Publish House will be published to coordinate the exhibition.

Bauhaus: The Enlightening Design
Duration28: th September - 8th November 2014
Venue: National Museum of China
Organizer: Hangzhou Municipal Government, China Academy Of Art
Producer: XU Jiang General Curator: SONG Jianming, HANG Jian
Curators: ZHANG Chunyan, WANG Yang, YAO Zhijie
Design Director: YUAN Youmin, RUAN Hao, JIN Yanan
Space Design: LYCS Architecture [Team:RUAN Hao, LAI Zhenyu, LIU Qi, TONG Chaochao]
Lighting Design: PAN Jin
Visual Design: Studio0909
Media Arts: ZHANG Xiang, XIE Kuo, CHENG Tao